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Everyone! Free Chuckles!

I quite literally stumbled upon a really wonderful diary of an Australian academic's (with his equally academic wife and their children) experience doing the college lecture circuit in the United States. Any number of his criticisms are scathing, often very funny and, unfortunately, completely true. It's relatively easy to forget how weird and polarized American culture is until you've had the opportunity to travel elsewhere. For me that was a trip to South Korea and I'm still looking slightly askance at the culture that I grew up utterly immersed in. While some of his observations are patently obvious others were surprising. It's well worth your eye time unless, of course, you have your head entirely up your red, white, and blue ass. If this is the case I would also hope that you never stop by again. Thanks.

This McSweeney's for this week is fucking brilliant. That declaration is nothing extraordinary since the gang over yonder doesn't seem to be capable of fucking up, at least on the site and in the magazine. There are a few books that are candidates for most annoying thing in the world but we'll set those differences aside for free chuckles.

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