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Stupid Is The New Funny

The new Python site looks pretty slick and I guess that's at least in part necessary to aid in the push for Python evangelizing but I already miss the old and somewhat clumsy design of the old site. Cheesy as it might be, there was something endearing about the lack of slickness in the old design. The new design is more clearly organized which is definitely a plus but the absence of the old logo seems significant to me. Sentimental for old layouts? Hardly geeky at all...

PythonEggs seem like they're going to be pretty handy especially in terms of attracting deserters from Java. I love the fact that you can cook in metadata and that eggs will eventually be part of the standard libraries. More batteries == good. On a second reading I noticed that the devs were predicting inclusion in the standard libraries by Python 2.5.

I just spent a fair amount of time paring down my Bloglines subscriptions to something reasonable. My litmus was whether I actually visited a site with a real browser at least weekly. Not many emerged from the other side of that but I had to find some way to deal with unread feeds with dates ranging as far back as an entire year ago. I'm not exactly sure how the PR webloggers can endure reading three or four times as many feeds as I've ever had on a daily basis. Hate aggregators but love Planets as they do most of the sorting for me. I should just do away with the Bloglines account entirely as it just leads to abandonment and stagnation but, hey, that would take additional effort and I'm feeling the sort of lazy that borders on catatonia.

That's all I've got with the exception of Jack Bauer/Chuck Norris as the A-Team mash up. It's been that kind of day.

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