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The Rat’s Ass You Give May Be Your Own

Tired and long past any point of cognitive linearity but still running on leftover steam from a very productive and fun band practice despite the personnel shortage. Everyone was basically tired but we still managed to assemble and rearrange a pile of loosely associated parts and massage them into things approximating songs. Playing shows seems a very long way off but the process of building up as opposed to the falling apart that I'm accustomed to.

The only proposal that I've heard today that sounds remotely reasonable is, of course, fictional. Still, I completely support the campaign to host the 2014 Olympics on Hoth.

Also worthy of note: The PowerSquid seems like a very sexy way to burn your house down. I want one -- for the organizational aspects and less so for the potential of fiery death.

Eventually this desktop metaphor that most modern computer interfaces are based upon will fall away and the age of the Jonathan Livingston Seagull interface will rise from its proven and useful ashes in order to satisfy people who will no doubt purchase the 'innovative' MSFT Vista in order to throttle their machines near to death running a bunch of eye candy goo. I was talking to a former professor today about his collection of antique computers and how he used to make money creating interfaces for people on secondhand equipment. His interface design tool? BAT files... There is a lesson about pragmatism in there somewhere but I have neither the attention span nor the cognitive coherency to extract them now.

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