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An Organized System Of Chaos And Confusion

I'm puttering away with the zombie game which largely means cleaning up the test scripts that I used to make sure that everything was playing nicely with all of the other components. Much to the dismay of other folks who seem to need to disparage PHP in order to lavish more beta++ praise on the current flavor of the month, I'm actually pretty organized when working with PHP. Yes, I begin with a hojillion files that separate out each stage of form-script-form-etc before compressing them into functions contained in each actual PHP page but everything is tested a half dozen different ways before it becomes a function. Usually this means writing a couple of test functions that are required in order to run the test script. Granted, I'm not using some gigantic IDE or anything so I'm able to skip some of the more tedious steps that many go through when doing initial testing and I've been working off and on with this lump of code for over a year (I think) so I need to do a batch of comment reading and running test scripts before I really remember where exactly I left off. The combination of a rigid naming scheme and the strategic placement of comments makes this a whole lot painful than it could be.

It's weird because I read many of the Ruby versus Python versus Java offspring are infinitely better than PHP rants and other ugly my language can beat up your language arguments started by Tim Bray's eloquent rant against PHP and had nothing concrete to contribute to the distributed conversation. I'm manually refactoring all of my code and I enjoy the process of working out kinks and refining the clarity of this pile of crap I'm hacking on. Maybe there is some degree of masochism involved in my enjoyment of the power and flexibility of the language. I like the amount of thinking I need to do in order to make my own code better and the idea of an IDE ripping the steering wheel out of my hands is one that alarms more than comforts me.

Speaking of, has anyone seen any web games successfully implemented in either Python or Rails? I'm really curious because my tentative stabs in either direction were disappointing to say the very least. I really like both but haven't been able to get much done on the web side that didn't involve a ton of pain and tedium or considering the creation of my own damned framework.

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