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Web 2.0r1

Major revisions:

The term 'Web 2.0' (often camel-cased into Web2.0 or the like) should no longer be used. After its overuse by buzzword aggregating industry magazines to the point where it is being twiddled around by management types in meetings like this year's Sharper Image castanet arrangement it really doesn't mean much anymore unless you're trawling for venture capital. Instead please revert to previous versions of same sentiment such as 'That's so money' or 'Where's the beef?' or the more dynamic solo thumb thrust triumphantly skyward and followed by the gutteral exclamation of "Ayyyyyyyyyyyyy!" for the purpose of board room song and dance routines and/or the half-assed assertion of getting this 'new thing' and renewing your commitment to getting it to market whatever the fuck that means.

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