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National Whatever You Want, Stupid Week

I had the unfortunate experience today of witnessing a discussion between a user and one of my fellow desktop support types that reminded me why I need to have some patience enhancing drug prescribed post haste. The topic had to do with automatic/scheduled shutdowns of XP machines in what amounts to a public lab and the idea the user had was so horrible that it was almost funny. It did inspire me, though, to think that maybe for a week or so we should go forward with every dipshit plan that a user comes up. The clean up afterwards would be horrible but nearly worth it when pushy users were forced to deal with the consequences of ideas that they don't entirely understand in any sense excepting the "But that's what I want" way. This user wanted a scheduled shutdown and startup that didn't require any intervention and would simply shut the machines down presumably after a lab tech had issued some kind of verbal warning. The very first time that a user had their work nuked into the ether because the tech forgot to give that warning would be my reward. I could play stupid for a week. I really could.

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