Team Murder No Brain No Headache.


Just These Stupid Kids…

So the above was my impression of ajaxWrite at least as it stands today after being trampled by the usual insipid horde from Digg all proud because they took another site down without reading a single word of it. The only thing that I was really able to figure out while horsing around is that the application deals with file types you'd normally associate with MS Word as its default. It seems far too crashy to hold up under the Friday crowd so I'm going to send myself a piece of mail as a reminder to come back when things are less stupid. Looks pretty good from what I was able to see and actually feels a little lighter/smoother than the limited experience that I've had with Writely. I don't remember whether Writely had PDF conversion capabilities but that is one of the most useful features of ajaxWrite for me -- being able to instantly convert things to a PDF format really takes some of the fear out of carrying files around in the ODF format.

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