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Pre-Weekend Doldrums

Some things that didn't fit into anything longer:

Google making terrible choices when it comes to word choices for verifications. I laughed but many more will spend hours trying to unsee those words and atoning and all that shit.

Apparently TX law enforcement is trying to make people incredibly uncomfortable by scouting out public drunkenness in bars where people are both surprised and appalled by drunken behavior. We can't seem to fit any more fish into this barrel...

This otherwise well considered piece about desktop eyecandy, Windows Vista, and what it all means to the end user is hilariously sidetracked when people in the comments assert, without a trace of irony mind you, that eye candy is equitable to usability. Several people even say that they cannot be productive if their desktop isn't attractive. Insane.

I'm completely ignoring all of the incredulous news stories about the Windows Vista delay. Duh. Has a Windows release ever been on time? Have any of the features that would almost make life bearable ever actually made it into a product? Yup. You get new interface elements that your machine probably won't be able to handle. Luckily, I don't have to use that crap. I just have to fix it when it breaks which is like every fucking day of my life. As I am currently applying for jobs in the same painful area I don't see this ceasing in the near future.

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  1. News Flash: U.S. institutes radical new ‘Drinking While Intoxicated’ law with severe penalties for consuming alcoholic beverages in bars while under the influence of alcohol.

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