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Doesn’t Really Need Saying But That Is My Area Of Expertise

I don't like biting on the obvious ad revenue whoring pieces but this one is so ridiculously reductivist and serves as such a wonderful metaphor for what should be minimal interaction between the concerns of technology and business that I couldn't really pass it up. The suit (or, alternately, the dockers and dress shirt combo) is so emblematic of why management should stay the hell out of the problems and solutions that revolve around pure technology. Don't believe me? Have you suffered through consultants in your workplace lately? Suits. Utterly clueless fucking suits and management, in general, tends to buy whatever line they're selling and pay them outrageous sums of money for what amounts to nil. Applying the who you'd like to party down with at the frat house and have date your younger sister methodology of decision making to technology is stick stupid. I'm currently in the job market so maybe I'm just a little bitter.

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