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My Salute To A Recently Deceased Friend

I really, really hate coffee makers that can't last more than a couple of months under heavy use. Granted, this one was a Woot deal instead of the my electronic brain thinks I need cleaning and I will refuse to make coffee again until you chemically douche me coffee maker pictured that is equally broken at the moment. The coffee press still works thankfully.

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  1. i’m in exactly the same boat as you – my krups espresso maker bit the dust, and as i sit relaxing each morning with a nice mug of french press coffee, i ask myself why i didn’t leave the damn thing on the curb months ago.

  2. I too am a big fan of the coffee that comes out of the press although I’m not as huge of fan of the small quantity and clean up. I’m still hoping that a couple hours of resting will restore functionality to the beast.

  3. But, nice looking lab.

  4. Weird. Our kitchens are the same color.

    (note… your wedding gift is put to daily use on the shelf there…)

    Molly broke our best french press so the Cuisinart is all we’ve got.

    (since folks commenting appear to be coffee snobs, I must point out that my burr grinder, vacuum storage and French press are on the other side of the kitchen….)

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