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Hello. I’d Like A Job But First I’ll Babble For What Seems Like An Eternity.

I had a job interview today although I can't really think of it as an interview in the traditional sense since I didn't actually interactively talk to anyone. Instead I took a written test that asked questions like "What is SSL, why is it important, and how do you activate it in Outlook Express?" I was underwhelmed to say the very least though the second half hour of the interview process when I had thirty minutes to answer ten pretty detailed questions was a little exhausting. What was most interesting/unnerving about the whole process was the source of the verbal response questions: a binder full of sheet laminated pages. I read the questions and then answered a panel. This sounds OK until you consider the fact that they asked no clarifying questions whatsoever. I was talking to three faces and a tape recorder. My answers were probably not the best examples of human communication ever since I felt like I needed to answer each aspect of each question while not coming off like a robot reading from a teleprompter. Towards the end I was starting to feel like an unwilling participant in an undergraduate introduction to psychology course. The cumulative effect of that environment is confusion, anxiety, and doubt which is kind of a given when talking to a group of silent people for 30 minutes. The actual testing probably went fine but I left feeling a little lost at least until we made it back to Denver and ate amazing hamburgers.

All of that said, I haven't interviewed for reals in a very long time and for all I know the process may well have transmogrified into some terrible Orwellian process dreamed up by the satanic forces that conspire under the guise of human resources.

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