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Conversion For Fun And Profit

If you can imagine a probable application there is someone likely hacking away on it as we sit here on our hands. php4Mono is one of those things. I have no idea what I would ever really use it for since I am not in the habit of trusting my asschip to Windows for anything 'net facing but it's a helluva interesting concept and seems pretty far along in its development cycle. It's also pretty minimal in requirements -- if you have a recent version of Mono and you're pretty much in the business of converting PHP to that icky MSFT Common Intermediate Language stuff. Like I said, it's cool to be able to do this although I can't see a practical application for my own use of it. Unfortunately, I'm working on coffee shop wireless at the moment so I can't remote my Windows box at home to give it a real go. Oh well. This will be filed under the don't forget category so, uh, I won't forget.

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