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More Downtime And Assorted Crappy Crap

So, I was down for nearly fourteen hours with no reponse from my hosting company and I had a few moments of total fear. One of the things I noticed immediately while my site was yielding nothing more than "looks like you haven't installed wordpress yet" pages is that my database backups were nearly empty. I actually messed around a little with trying to trick the site into working correctly again but it contained none of the tables specific to WP. Visions of four years of babbling lost didn't exactly terrify me but I really needed to do something to the database to ensure that it could actually be backed up and restored if necessary. It turns out that a couple of plugins that I'd deactivated eons ago were causing mysqldump to error out before it even reached the real data. The whole thing was almost frustrating enough to force me to consider just abandoning it all and starting something new.

I did fix that stupid Creative Commons license problem in the footer. I also changed licenses to the slightly less restrictive Attribution Non-Commercial license. Really, it matters fuck all but I like being able to give explicit permission without being bothered to skim through a whole bunch of faux-fessional mail everytime someone wants to lift a quote (usually out of context) or something.

Anyway, life fucking continues and I've learned something about mysqldump so I won't consider any of this lost time a total waste. It helps that everything has also been moved to a faster server and not only does everything work now but it actually works faster than it did before.

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