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Bad Ends And What Else Is New

I should know better than to enter into the weekend, the hero of many a AOR radio rock and song, with thoughts tilted towards goodness. This weekend pretty much sucked other than the beer drinking parts of it which overlapped some of the misery and tedium like a dirty bed sheet concealing a corpse. Actually, that is almost entirely exaggeration. This weekend was actually O.K other than our drummer telling me that he didn't want to play music with me any more via an incredibly awkward speechification wherein I heard a story about the chills and spills of motorcycling in the mountain right before I heard about our drummer not wanting to play drums any more. I really wish that were the case but it's much more likely that I'm parting ways with yet another band member too chickenshit to say they hate what we're doing or the direction we're headed in or whatever it is that makes them predictably quit like punk rock edsels moving on to projects instead of bands where they can play in front of film strips or wearing panda costumes instead of being in bands. This probably isn't the case with our most recent departure but the sting is still about the same. It will eventually wear off and taper down to a vague unease when the person who quit is spotted across a room while some other band even worse than the one we were in is playing. Eventually it will just turn into nods and vague smiles filled with too many teeth. I'm already moving I hope and if not I'd like to at least feel like I'm moving outside the stupid rut I've dug myself into.

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