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Will Work For Toast

Yet another example of why most coffee places that have free wireless offered to the public mixed in with their own cash registers and credit card machines shouldn't just blindly set things up and hope for the best smacked me in the face when I stopped off for a little coffee and work on the zombie game this morning. I set up a shared printer on the XP test box last night and installed smb4k for quick scanning of my own network. After setting up shop and trying to figure out why one of my nested way too deep loops wasn't working without any success, I fired up smb4k for the hell of it. I should not be able to see your cash register transactions as a share. Really. I helped the guy at the counter lock it down which required a phone call to get the administrator password and had some free breakfast. I heart the barter system but the fact that their innards were that far exposed freaks me out. I suppose this is all too common and why I end up with new credit card numbers more often than I would like.

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  1. Do they process credit cards through these points of sale? How do they avoid fines through Visa/MC PCI compliance? (they probably aren’t reported…)

    As someone who works with Points of Sale I am flabberghasted at the concept of store systems being accessible on a semi-public wifi network. We’re so averse to the concept that we sold off the wifi rights to our stores to a third party, so we have no responsibility or accessibility to the wifi networks at our own locations. Seperate routers, WAN connections and providers. The only thing we share is an equipment cabinet.

  2. I think credit cards are done through one of the little manual counter top deals that does validation through a dial up line (there is some genius of crack implementation although it does follow a similar system to the one you were talking about) and the register just tracks amounts. Yeah. If they exposed credit card numbers this entire situation would have been another can of worms.

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