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Better Things For Worse Jobs

In messing around with scripting the start up and shut down of printer shares in the horrible operating system that will not be named but somehow provides a source of employment for me I found AutoIt and instantly got a whole bunch of work done without driving myself crazy. There is an included syntax highlighting and auto completion package for SciTE that had me up and running pretty quickly. Another nice bonus is the inclusion of a "Window Info" application that, you guessed it, gives you all of the important properties of active windows (and also features the all important pause function) since in the operating system that will not be names those properties make little to no fucking sense compared to what appears to the human eye.

I haven't done any GUI work with it yet but judging from the rather complete documentation it would be pretty easy to pick up. I may roll my own version of something like XAMPP's control panel just to get the feel for how everything works. I like the simplicity of AutoIt's implementation (and the lack of some over the top IDE) and that it seems to stay out of your way when a little cli scripting is all that needs to be done. I'm sure that some of the operating system that will not be named has more powerful scripting languages that are nestled more tightly against the teat of the behemoth but I can't take the platform seriously enough (other than, you know, as the essential ingredient of my day job) to invest a whole lotta time to grok something I don't want to use. Overcoming the urge to throw things out entirely when they are broken beyond usefulness is kind of important for the support line of work. No cause is too futile to avoid wasting hours trying to solve elegantly and necessity is a mother.

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