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Virtual Desktop Non-Suckiness Please?

Okay. I'm going to pose a random question to the void here, specifically for people who spend more time working in a Windows environment and less time simply fixing broken machines: Is there a virtual desktop application that allows switching desktops with the mouse wheel (and here is the really important part) that doesn't fuck with/override the focus of application windows -- I want to be able to use my mouse wheel for scrolling in applications and flipping desktops when the desktop is active. Any clues?

I tried Cool Desktop which does offer mouse wheel switching but was plagued with the above problem even when I set the focus to follow the mouse. When I'm fully installed in the new workplace I might just spend the money to buy Cool Mouse which enables X style copy and paste unless I can find a FOSS solution to that problem. It's funny though because both of the above shortcomings of the Windows shell have always made me wonder how people can live without that functionality. I guess once you ride in a rocket car you want everything to be a rocket car...

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  1. It is for this exact reason I’m considering ditching this Vista Ultimate installation I bought.

    Why does there still not exist a VDM with PROPER mouse wheel scrolling support?

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