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A Sort-Of Cool Thing…

This afternoon when I was heading down to the coffee place to drink about a gallon of espresso and coffee mixed together I neglected to bring my book as well as my mp3 player. Usually these two devices need to work in tandem so I'm glad that I wasn't stuck with just one of the pair. Instead, to pass the fifteen minutes or so of travel time, I war-light-railed with my Palm just to see how much wireless was available. The unconfigured Linksys category of wifi access is still the prime mover out there but it was encouraging to see more little cartoony padlocks next to the access point name instead of the usual chaos of the plug it in and let it rip philosophy that most people tend to stick to when setting up wireless for absolute strangers with criminal intent.

One of the nicer discoveries I made was the addition of free wifi service to the entire 16th Street Mall area of downtown Denver. The suck part is that the login system (click this button to surrender your first born child) requires Java and boots you from a continuous connection after 2 hours. It was generally pretty slow and balky so it seems intended for use with PDAs and the like. Still nice to be able to look up RTD schedules and maps while on the bus...

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