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At Least The New Mess Is Better Than The Old Mess

The grey areas of non-employment are still freaking me out. I had to actually leave my house today and go to a coffee house to get anything done. I used to think that free hours were the essential ingredient to accomplishing anything but I'm starting to realize that my intrinsic motivations are weaker than I'd previously thought. Go figure. So, I'm at the coffee place trying to de-spaghetti a pile of old PHP and, in moments like these, I realize that I haven't really been working with this language very long although I've made some pretty substantial improvements by moving masses of scripts into functions. I'm not sure if it's any more human readable than it was before but at very least I'm not chasing session variables around like a fool. Maybe calling that an improvement isn't the most accurate terminology in the world but it sure feels a whole lot better than the previous mess.

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  1. Just so long as you name your variables something that someone else can figure out in 2 seconds and you keep your code away from pinkos it’ll all be just fine.

    What the hell. I’m leaving comments here when I should be posting to my own blog. Brilliant.

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