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Day One…

The first day of the new job is over and I am six kinds of dead tired. Why? Because I had to work really hard or had my troubleshooting skills stretched beyond their limits? No. I spent most of a nine hour day hanging around a pretty busy call center watching a bunch of underpaid student workers do all of the work while I sat there without basic computer access much less access to network resources, the ticketing software, or even an email address. The upside is that I work with a great bunch of folks generally who are actually happy to have me there. The downside is, of course, that I'm working in a call center that doesn't actually do a whole lot. I mean, there is an incredible amount of process involved in creating tickets nearly all of which are closed immediately but the amount of troubleshooting is incredibly limited. As a former desktop person I was astounded to hear the other full time person tell a user having trouble with a PPPoE connection that they would need to drag their desktop machine all the way down to our office so that an entirely different group of folks could work on it. I'm not allowed to touch machines. That is hilarious and a little sad at the same time. I did make some of their desktop people pretty sad with my crazed tales of a standard desktop image, remote desktop access, and being able to do things like editing registry settings remotely. I'm not sure what the deal is exactly but 'limited' seems to be the operative term of description. Limited is also the key word for the amount of time I'll be able to stay at this job without losing my mind and/or all dirty handed desktop software exorcism ability.

I'm guessing that tomorrow will probably be better.

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