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Thinking About A Different Machine Entirely

I was seriously considering dropping the change on one of the higher end Macbook Pro machines but the number of people pissed off about its noisiness and inability to shed heat are really giving me second thoughts. I was thinking that because of the ability to dual boot (albeit a limited ability) both stupid operating systems I have to support but don't really give a rat's ass about that it would be an ideal compromise for a work laptop. A friend of mine bought one of the lower end machines and is stupid happy with it. I'd rather get the 'nicer' machine but apparently expanding the strangle hold on hardware into more accessible latitudes has not caused an explosion of smart engineering. It's too bad because with the state employee discount I could get one of the lesser Mb Pro for a reasonable dollar amount but I'm thinking about waiting and spending a little more money on a machine that doesn't double as a noisemaker and heat pad.

Anyone got advice to the contrary or about how not to get the Rev A crap who isn't drinking the Kool Aid? I assume we're supposed to be happy that the battery doesn't detonate like an atom bomb the first time it's fully charged or they don't bundle the laptops with extra logic boards as packing material.

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