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List Of Things To Mention Before I Collapse

Yeah, so, really really tired but there are a few things lingering from the several seconds I spend today outside of weird, tense meetings and watching other people do work I could be doing in the guise of training:

Debian is set to release Etch in December and for all the grief that people give the project for their elastic release dates it looks like Debian is going to beat MSFT to the next release date. When I say "ha ha" I really mean "ha ha." Debian really has picked up a lot of steam over the past few years and has so dramatically improved (albeit at a glacial pace) both the installation (after the first failed attempt I had no troubles with it but others seemed to strenuously object to its dearth of E-Z-ness) and the whole package infrastructure that it's nearly impossible to think of the Woody release and the Sarge release as subsequent. Unfortunately, perception being what it is, Debian will still have its detractors, against proof and sensibility, until the project perfects an installer that not only installs on any given hardware unattended but also makes you feel better about all of those times you were picked last for kick-ball. Moral: don't pick on kids who can't play kick-ball or you will listen to the same over-used and under-researched criticisms of one of your favorite distributions until the end of time and/or the skynet-installer comes online.

Paludis is a potential alternative to the Gentoo portage system although it's mega-flashing-lights alpha and the thought of end users trying it is met with this harsh warning:

You shouldn't be touching Paludis at the moment. Paludis will delete all your files, then delete everyone else's files, then rape your dog. Go away.

Now that is a statement of instability that I can fully support. The list of comparisons between Paludis and Portage also makes for some interesting reading. There are some features listed there like license filtering, support for larger overlays/more repositories, and security features which are the sort that excite people like me who have a completely polar love/hate relationship with Portage. The developer features also look pretty promising which will really be the test of whether the new kid can supplant the old boss because productive developers producing better packages will attract more users to use (read: test) the new infrastructure and put it into real use. I mean, jesus, people are running that Fedora crap in production environments so I guess the sky's the limit. The masochistic and twisted part of me wants to install this shit right now and start myself a chroot farm of broken and malfunctioning installs but the exhausted part of me that has to leave for work again in seven hours argues the case for late adoption.

About that late stuff....

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