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A Fool And His Money…

After much forum reading, hemming and/or hawing, and contemplating imminent financial ruin I threw down my 2 grand today:

MBPRO 15/1.83 CTO

With the following configuration:

* Processor 0656459 1.83Ghz Intel Core Duo/VR128MB
* Memory 0656100 1GB 667 DDR2 2x512 SODIMM
* Hard Drive 0656105 120GB Serial ATA [email protected]
* Optical Drive 0656096 SuperDrive (DVDRW/CDRW)
* Modem 0656201 None
* Apple Software Solutions 0656200 None
* Keyboard/Mac OS Language 0656461 BkLit Keyboard/Mac OS
* Country Kit/AEX 0656102 Airport Extreme Card andBT

Estimated Shipped By:

MAY 11, 2006

Estimated Delivered By:

MAY 18, 2006

Needless to say if my machine is fucked up I will be the very first to return mine and sign up for the first class action that crosses my desktop. The only thing that really sealed the deal was the possibility of triple booting the machine into two operating systems I'm bound to support and one that I actually like working in. I'm not exactly a switcher. The educational discount certainly helps to justify the expense.

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  1. According to my friend at Apple they are shipping Rev. D 15″ MacBookPro. I highly doubt you’ll have much trouble from it. It will be hot, I can assure of that, but so is my G4 and my Dell.

    Clearly you don’t like OS X, but hopefully you’ll come around to think more highly of it. If you need anything, just ask.

  2. You’re crazy man. 2 grand…for a mac? o.o Insane. But…each to his own…mine’s only gonna run me about 500.

    Intel Celeron 2.93 gHz… $120
    AGP Motherboard w/ 4 USB. $60
    512 DDR RAM 7700 RPM….. $45
    300 Watt Power Supply…. $22
    Windows XP Home………. $90
    Wireless Keyboard…….. $15
    Case w/ plexi and fancool $80
    120 GB Hard Drive…….. $65

    I got a deal. Plus I’m getting a free copy of XP…so…minus 90-something. I’m getting it through my company’s sister company.

  3. Responses to both in an additional post. I hate burying stuff in comments.

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