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Monster Series Heads Up

I should probably mention that the dead tree version of Monster Island arrived the other day and despite the fact that I've already read the book from the aforementioned site I skipped the remainder of the cultural politics of James Bond book I was trudging my way through and started reading it pretty much immediately. That it is actually in print makes me pretty happy -- horror fiction written stylishly, as originally as it can be given the zombie fiction, and as far away from the typical fan fiction whipping of the dead horse style as possible. The great part is that if you let David Wellington know via email that you bought the book he will email you a PDF of stories that are peripheral to or extend the novel and/or the universe it is set in. I've read bits and pieces of it (received in the middle of a major computer shift so my focus was elsewhere) and most of it is interesting enough if you've read his other pieces of writing. I may give it a more thorough reading on my long bus ride to work tomorrow. Heads up...

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