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On Any Given Day There Is At Least One Disaster

Man. It has not been a particularly good year for the disappearance of weblogs that I've read practically since I started committing the sin of pride (once again I really really want the sarcasm tag implemented as soon as humanly possible) here which is bordering on four years sometime a little later this month. Burningbird is ceasing to be as Shelley seems to be fed up with the clutter and disorganization inherent to crossing weblog software platforms (I've done the same four or five times since the beginning) and handling too many sub-projects under the same umbrella. Luckily, as many noted in the comments attached to her announcement, Shelley is just too damned prolific and has too much to say in a genre (I have the distinct feeling that 'genre' is not the term I'm really looking for) that suffers from a genuine dearth of unique voices/perspectives to remain silent for too long. Still, the formal announcement means that there will at least be a gap between the 'final' post and the newest manifestation. That is simultaneously saddening and exciting.

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