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I’ve Heard Tell That Even Idiots Can Read Step By Step Instructions

I really hate giving any more Google juice than necessary to this article over at NewsForge about how developers apparently need to slap together releases quickly enough to pace their changes in CVS. If this was an article intended to do anything other than incur forgettable wrath and/or generate ad revenue it could be included in The Daily WTF as a hilarious piece of evidence that users don't have the slightest fucking clue about either the process of developing anything larger than a 'Hello world' or what constitutes a release or even a release candidate. The complaint reminds me more than anything of the frequent and wrong criticism of the slow Debian release cycle. When you arrange dates and spans of times in a way that serves your own interests, you can interpret the gaps between new CD images as many different ways as you have bias. But, if you're looking at the alleged problem from a non-clueless perspective you have to recognize that not only is the Debian of the non-stable tree a pretty quick moving target but also that all lines except the largely frozen stable tree are pretty fluid and tend to have frequent updates of both packages and new inclusions of packages.Despite the public relations nightmare that having a gazillion clueless fucks babbling incoherently about your project may be the cries of the great unwashed would be even louder and more pathetic if versions were routinely (some projects call these arrangements 'nightlies') ripped from repositories and let loose in the form of binaries before they'd been tested extensively.

So, advice to those who would complain about problems getting fixed in CVS first: either learn how to use CVS (as an aside, the instructions are usually made painfully clear) and grab the new versions of things or wait patiently, preferably with your mouth duct taped shut, until your distribution has packaged it. Alternately you could just use Fedora Core and deal with broken packages and non-releases making it into the main packaging tree.

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