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A Few More Notes About The New Machine

I've been using the new machine pretty much exclusively for the past couple of weeks and my opinion of it hasn't changed significantly. It isn't the new love of my life as it is for so many others but I've gained some of the respect I lost for Apple during the miserable 10.0 days when shit was really #1 and I had to support most of it in painful, painful detail. I haven't used most of the commercial applications that the mother ship has released recently as about a third of the applications I'm using regularly is a ported version of the same things I used under Linux. I gave the whole ports thing a whirl but didn't have a very smooth time with. I'm going to blame Apple for this one as the CD that shipped with the MacBook was actually more along the lines of an OEM cd with a bunch of crappy trial versions of shit I'd never use and no X11. Since I don't need trial versions of crap I would trade the lot for the new version of X11 meaning that I'm probably going to track down a disk image from some warez site in order to get my hands on it. The idea of buying the OS CD for just that strikes me as a little absurd and short shifting folks who are ostensibly going to develop for your platform seems like a pretty stupid decision on their part. No one complains if they're missing the trial version of MSFT Office (I may well be wrong about this) but if you leave out tools promised to developers or advanced fuckers around and we tend to get a little pissed off.

Another thing that seriously bothers me about the design of this laptop and most others on the market now is the utter lack of protection that LCD screens have from keyboard impacts. I've already got some pretty serious scars on the LCD which I've never seen on my older and boxier laptops. The idea of spending an extra centimeter to prevent damage is apparently too detrimental to the marketing push of the ultra-thin laptop. The funny part is that my battered old Toshiba is not that much thicker than this beast and is only a pound or two heavier. It seems insane to me that carrying around a modern notebook in a padded bag intended for that purpose and still doing damage from regular walking around/riding the bus wear and tear is a pretty major design flaw. I'm resisting the urge to buy some crazy expensive and faux sexy bag designed specifically for the brand outlet of my new found and completely embarrassing consumerism.

The other complaint I have is how poorly virtual desktop support is implemented in the operating system. So far I am utterly ignorant about the internals of OS X and how all of its goofily named layers work together but virtual desktops despite the best efforts of more than a few developers really sucks. When I find myself acknowledging the fact that virtual desktops aren't going to be as gracefully integrated as they are in most Linux window managers and desktop environments while simultaneously wishing that at least they could function as well as most do in Windows you've got problems.

I'm ridiculously tired so please excuse the above average ratio of typographical errors and what-the-fucking-fuck style grammar. I'm still figuring this 'morning' stuff out.

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  1. Re: LCD impacts – my Powerbook shipped with a padded sheet that I used to keep inside. A much simpler solution is to pick up a set of clear LRF’s at your local CompUSA.

    Not sure what all tools/toys you want, but Apple hands out the DevTools cd’s like candy for free at all Apple Stores – just ask a Mac Genius and they’ll hook you up. Also, check out your Hard Drive > Developer folder – there’s some goodies in there.

  2. Man, I threw that foam away thinking that I probably shouldn’t.

    All I really wanted from the usual install CD was the X11 package that works with 10.4.6. Every reference to it that I’ve seen mentions that it should be included in the Developer folder on the CD but only the SDK for X is included. I’m going to visit the Apple store here this weekend and see what I can leech. It’s at the mall so I can get a pretzel dog for my troubles if nothing else.

  3. For some reason the Cherry Creek Mall really bothers me. I’m not a mall afficionado, but there’s nothing worse than an old mall that someone turned into a new mall by putting up a new facade, jacking up the rent and then chocking it full of overpriced hipster stores. Judging by layout and architecture, CCM is clearly one of those malls.

    Be sure to hit Diesel and Urban Outfitters while you’re there, I know they are certainly your favorite stores. I mean, UO is just sooo punk rawk. I totally bought some vintage style, re-issue Adidas there and I think I saw a Blink-182 shirt there. Totally radical dude… they’re the bizzomb.

    I meant to expand on LRF’s. That’s the “we need to expand on specs for a government bid we just won” name for little rubber feet. There are also thing microfiber sueded towels that are anti-static and clean up dirt, as well as make a good keyboard cover for about $12. For $1 you could hit the fabric store and make your own with nothing more than scissors and maybe a heat gun.

    Happy anniversary by the way… seems like your wedding was on Memorial Day weekend, no?

  4. Yeah. I just want to hit up the counter folk for free shit and heckle them. There is nothing punk rock about Urge Overkill. I used a cut up Perl shirt as the padding for my Acer. It doesn’t fit together quite as snugly as this one does. I’ll figure out something. Maybe one of those purple liquor bags for the sake of being appropriate.

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