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Out Of Your Office And, More Importantly, Out Of My Hair

I get so much spam that it's difficult for me to notice anything other than the most macro of all spam trends but lately the number of fake out of office mails along with the usual vacation messages and the like have caught my eye. So far this is the best of all the fake legit formats. I don't even have to adjust filters or anything. Instead, I just gleefully let them all go straight to the trash. Like I needed to know about either low cost mortgage opportunities or your two entire days out of your office. The bonus here is that all social faux pas can be partially absolved by spam filtering. Chalk in a small victory in efficiency or at least a reduction in annoyance to our new pals, the spammers. The downside is, of course, that they'll send you like 600 pieces of mail each time they're either in or out of the office.

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