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The above is a simple reminder to those close to me (ahem, ahem) who tend to take expiration, or in this case 'buy by', dates a little too seriously. Right now it is May 29 by a couple of minutes. I hate summer and I love bread. Fucking climates...

I also fired up iTunes for the second time since I've owned this laptop. I've never been a fan so I decided that I should give it a fair(er) shake since I've put my money down and at least in part bought into the whole digital lifestyle shuck. Part of my distaste has to do with a general distaste for music players in the general sense. I don't like that each player has its way and all other ways must stand aside to make way for yet another crappily specific implementation of the playlist. iTunes still has some irritating habits that haven't changed since the very first time I used it in the grim 10.0 days when fucking everything was either broken, slow, or a combination of the two. One thing that drives me absolutely batshit and remarkably is one of the few holdovers from the general save me from my own potentially bad decisions design decisions that make what is intended as a consumer driven easy to use application an exercise in frustration that will drive me back to Linux full time pretty damn quickly. I converted a whole bunch of files from mp3 to aac to see what the fuss was about and was impressed at the smaller file size without any audible loss in sound quality. I'll chalk that in as a point in Apple's column for the moment. This is all happy, shiny, icon-bouncing-in-the-goddamned-dock-even-though-I-ordered- it-not-to-like-ever experience but the exercise in frustration and time flushed down the toilet like that shit is supplied in quantities approaching infinite comes when you start deleting the mp3s you converted from. This must be done item by item if you're stupid enough to try to do this through the iTunes interface (I did this a total of two times before the hysterical laughter I associate with minutes of my life I've wasted and am not getting back in tax refund dollars or any other way took hold) and how do you actually get the missing files which iTunes keeps around faithfully just in case you need a memento of those nonexistent files out of your playlist is also a line by line item that you can't circumvent by switching to the Finder (yeah, yeah, I'm sure that items can be blown out of the main playlist through a more sane route but tell me that after I've finished venting) and simply dumping what needs to be dumped. I've used amaroK extensively and although it comes with all the usual size associated with KDE the application seems more apt at doing your bidding than iTunes. I'm not exactly sure what my point really is here other than the typical struggling with the hostility of things engineered to be 'user friendly' towards actually getting things accomplished.

On the other hand, I've completely destroyed the included install of Apache without even trying. I'm going to mess with the config files a bit but it's kind of startling that it broke after being started twice. For some reason permissions were changed on one of the ssl modules and I'm out of patience ahead of time so I'll have to go looking for it tomorrow after Yoon and I celebrate being married for two years. I doubt I'll be in the mood for it and will instead be happy. That is okay with me.

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  1. Hey now, I haven’t gotten sick off expired food in a while!

    Happy two year anniversary, sweetie. I love you something fierce.

  2. There are a couple of mechanisms you can use to clean up the folders after you convert, but I occasionally still experience the same frustration you do regarding library management in itunes.

    In Prefs>Advanced there are a couple of organizational options, namely “copy files to itunes folder when adding to library” probably needs to be turned off in your case. I believe it is on by default. This is especially handy if you store your files on an external/removable drive. It will leave the files where it found them and simply record the path in the xml library.

    An easy way to spot dupes is Edit>Show Duplicate Songs. I find this filter very annoying, because it doesn’t allow you to adjust the criteria that makes it a dupe. For example, I have several songs by the same artist with the same name, but dramatically different lengths. Those are considered dupes. Maybe it would help if I could search for duplicates with a 2% time similarity, or something of that nature.

    The next thing I would recommend is clicking on the “Date Added” column or “Size” and then sort by those within the “Show Duplicates” filter. With some shift/apple clicking you could make quick work of the MP3’s you’ve converted.

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