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I Blame Barris

I did some upgrades and license buying so I'm going to post a few notes. I'll try to keep it simultaneously short and detailed as I feel like Team Murder has lapsed largely into the realm of installation and upgrade notes. I don't relish being the tedious fuck so:

Just upgraded WordPress to the newest release and it was absolutely painless. Since, according to the release notes, it's mainly a bug fixing release there isn't much to see here so far. If folks who read and comment here could keep an eye out for problems I'd appreciate it.

Akismet has improved dramatically. I had problems with the initial versions as they didn't actually display the contents of comments deigned spam beyond the first couple. When you walk away from weblogging for a couple days or a week this can lead to a fair amount of messing around just to make sure that you're not deleting legitimate comments. The new version lists all of the comments that are currently in the spam quarantine and also added buttons at both the top and bottom of the screen for deleting all and clearing legitimate comments from the stigma of spamhood. I think that adding this functionality also lends more credibility to the master list of suspected spammers. Sometimes when it is late and I don't feel like even brushing my teeth before sleep much less sorting through two dozen comments that are likely spam the comments held for moderation get sent back to the void from whence they came with a quick skim. Deleting, reloading, rinsing, and repeating doesn't work well when your brain is broken by fatigue and apathy. I've probably deleted a whole bunch of legitimate comments while using the earlier version of the plugin. That shouldn't happen now that the tool actually works the way it should instead of being almost as time consuming as sorting moderated comments manually.

Also, don't make the same mistake I did and buy a Parallels license if you intend to use their software on Apple hardware. There is a beta version but they key you're given won't work with the pre-release so like everyone else who downloaded the trial version you have to generate new trial license keys on a monthly basis. I'm not sure exactly what I threw money down for other than a price break on the actual license which is appropriate as it does nothing under the assumption I'll eventually have a copy of something I don't have to continually mess with. That's usually why I buy software so I don't have to mess around with fifteen different tools to get the same result. I will not make this mistake again and will instead hoist the Jolly Roger and get cracked versions.

I just got some erectile disfunction spam from Bob Arctor. In the context of the novel (I can't. My thing disappeared) it's some great unintentional humor. Thank you random spam bot for that brief moment of respite from all the other crap I'm thinking about at the moment.

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