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Test Or Something

I'm giving MarsEdit a trial run as I'm still not completely happy with the way Emacs works under OS X. I really wish this was not the case as I'm pretty accustomed to doing nearly everything in Emacs.

OK. So not really. I did my test post, played with the knobs and switches and wasn't particularly impressed. I want to like clients like those but truthfully I should take the more simple route and just learn eLisp, eh? I'll stick with my much beloved and currently poorly behaved editor until I'm convinced that someone has concocted something better that doesn't cost a whole big pile of money.

Another sort of update

I did a quick Debian install on a Parallels virtual machine. It is fucking fast. I'm really impressed with how quickly it runs and how it doesn't hog resources while running. I just wish I had a permanent serial number. I'm going to be bitter about that forever.

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