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Libranet Is Officially Over

I don't really like being happy about the demise of a distribution that I once thought was worth the limitations that came with it being commercial and essentially proprietary but Libranet is finally shutting down after the founder's death a while back and the general chaos and bad business practices that followed. I actually purchased a new copy of Libranet around the time that I got my newest Acer laptop and although I did download all of the disk images none of them were actual valid ISOs. Complaining got me absolutely nowhere so I paid for a long download that yielded zero results. Months later I've still received no reply to any of the email that I sent following the initial purchase, bogus download, and increasing frustration. The current dev path of Debian has pretty much rendered most of the smaller 'easy Debian" distributions irrelevant anyway but I still miss that fifty bucks and wish that the distribution had continued if only to support the folks who had been kicking down for copy after copy over the years.

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