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The Middle Of The Night May Be The Rest Of Your Life

Sometimes people who you otherwise think have something to say write things that are nothing short of jackassery. This is very much with Anil Dash's piss take on the GIMP. He explained that it was a bout of late night frustration with a free tool that isn't the most tangled snarl of Perl ever written and therefore is below contempt. I'm talking about Movable Type here in case you're running under clocked for the weekend. Yes, the libraries are a separate download on your platform of choice as they are on pretty much all others and, yes, unfortunately you do have to make more choices than 'next' when installing it. Oh, tragedy. It must have been late indeed because the magical combination of mean and stupid is anything but. He also gets bonus points from the frat boys for heh heh humorously using the word 'retard' in a public forum. Way to go, ace.

Sometimes I need to wake all the way up before posting. Later tonight I think I'm going to sit down and do a little ruminating about the differences in interface between the Adobe stuff and the free goodies. I've been fortunate enough to work on both sides of the rope pretty extensively so maybe I can hash out a few points worth making before bed tonight.

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  1. As should be obvious from context, I find the “gimp” an offensive name, and illustrated that through analogy. I understand your desire to ignore that obvious fact, but still wish you’d resisted the temptation. Unlike you, I didn’t use the word “retarded” to mean “bad”.

    You’re looking for a bout of frustration at two in the morning to be logically consistent with ideas that I’ve thought through? Sorry, call me human, but that ain’t how it works. What this has to do with the fact that, yes, Movable Type historically has been too hard to install, I’m not sure at all.

    To me this seems analogous to you saying “I too have built Gnome from the ground up more for the experience of the process than anything else and I’ll be the first to say that it sucks.” a few years ago. Doesn’t mean “OMG the whole Gnome team is evil!”, it just means, at that point, it sucked.

  2. :) Sounds like we both should wait to post when we’re not sleepy. I’d cross out my post, too, but it’s already been forwarded on and inspired a flame war, so it’s probably too late.

  3. That is the downside about posting when your head is less than optimally clear and you’re highly annoyed by something that you’ve likely misread. I’m going to let the petty jabs sit in drafts for a while in the future. Luckily, you’re a nice guy with a relatively thick skin :).

    Also, check out GIMPShop which is an attempt to come to a compromise between the wildly different interfaces of PS and the GIMP. I installed it on my MacBook Pro but haven’t had much chance to mess with it yet other than making sure it would actually run. It is a pretty large download but I think most of the library stuff for Windows is baked in to the installer.

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