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Little Fish Chum In Shark Infested Waters

In the spirit of my new attempt at diplomacy I decided to wait a day or two before posting anything about the name change for Ethereal and after giving it careful consideration I still think it's one of the worst name changes ever. WireShark. Really. I will be soft linking all of their future release so I can look at networks without feeling like a script kiddie. I guess the change had something to do with acquisition by a company. That makes sense if the rules of corporate acquisitions have some clause about wrecking whatever it was that you intended to buy. Hooray for new old new capitalism and the glorious era it is ushering in that hardly even happened eight years ago.

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  1. Your post officially marks the day your blog jumped the WireShark.

    (yes, that’s the best I could come up with)

    Terrible name… I hadn’t heard about this and I user Ethereal, so thanks for the heads up.

  2. I use Ethereal as well as user it.

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