Team Murder No Brain No Headache.


Until All Of Us Are Blinded By Headaches And Eye Strain

I received the most flattering request ever this morning/afternoon from a fella in West Virginia (he included his mailing address in his email for legitimacy reasons I guess) asking permission to use the style sheet for this site. I felt really great about it until I realized that the design of this site is pure murk designed for my eye that hates and dread contrast. I hadn't looked closely at the way that its set up for a couple of years at least and now I'm serious considering a redesign or, barring the time necessary for that, hunting down another theme I actually like and hacking the hell out of it to make it work the way I want it to. In any case, thanks to Will for making me realize that and for making the alterations I made to Hari Prasad Nadig's theme go a lot further. Now, onward to searching for something new that will likely wound an equivalent number of eyes.

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