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More Boring Notes On Making Shit Work

I had pieced together this long and tedious recollection about getting most of the developer tools that I need up and running on the MacBook Pro but I'm actually a little concerned with obsessing over mundane details. It's a lifelong habit of mine and I've seen it manifest itself in what I've written here more often than I'd like it to. Instead a list:

1. MySQL: The story begins and ends with me wondering why in the hell I thought compiling this from ports was a good idea. Use the stupid binary, stupid. So, yeah, now that is up and running with a few misgivings about the version I compiled a while ago not working. I especially don't like the fact that the same files were installed in the same places and suddenly they work. Did I forget the magic fairy dust? Was I aesthetically impure?

2. PHP: For PHP I did what I should've done in the first place and used the Entropy PHP module instead of dicking around so much. It works like magic. I have only begun to feel stupid. I also set up Rails while I was at it which took exactly one script and one gem update. The story is boring, okay? I'm not entirely sure that I'll even use rails for anything remotely productive but it was one more pointless troubleshooting exercise so who am I to argue?

3. Enigmail: The initial failures with this Thunderbird extension were sort of a show stopper. I can't really find a particular party to blame. I reinstalled TBird with the old files in place and it mysteriously began working. I don't like magic it makes me think of fucking Doug Henning and I want to decrypt and sign mail not get creeped the fuck out. It is working now and I have no idea why. Do you? As a side note: Macgpg was working the entire time and I was able to manually encrypt and decrypt text files.

4. Airport deciding to take a two hour lunch break at random: So, I've been experiencing a lot of wireless network connection drops which pisses me off to no end since I'd rather have my email client dealing with my spam clogged IMAP boxes while I'm sleeping than making me wait fifteen minutes to filter 3500 pieces of mail that no one wants to read before I can read the half dozen that I need to read lest all of my ties to other people be severed and overrun by crybaby users who can't remember their passwords. I wanted to blame the Airport Extreme or whatever grandiose name Apple bonged up for their wireless card but it really had to do with a firmware upgrade for my router. That was a pretty scary process that involved three consecutive failed installs that yielded errors that read something like "Update has are failing." You really can't ask for a more alarming error message than that and you're absolutely foolhardy to run the same firmware upgrade four damned times before you foil the space-time continuum of mixed tenses and bring your wireless router back away from the light. So, fewer clicks on the stupid wireless icon on the menu bar is a good thing.

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