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Comes Out Punching

A whole bunch of places were passing along the announcement that Gnu-HALO actually rolled out a release which is based on Linux (specifically SLAX) instead of the originally planned BSD architecture. Yes, it is yet another live CD but the feature list should at least pique your oh-so-jaded interest. There are some good ideas at work in this project and although many of them may well be rolled into distributions I know nothing about the presentation of the features makes it sound extra special. This is killer:

Software whitelists. Under a default configuration, no application can run on the system unless it's been properly registered as an authorized application.

As I said earlier, it's probably already been implemented in other distros but that just sounds particularly kick ass and is a total pain in the ass to configure on Win32 without either purchasing some commercial application or charging into regedit and AD settings blind drunk and with both pistols drawn. I'd love to say that I'm going to take it for a spin but I can't imagine that I'll have time to do anything more than determine that it does indeed boot. I don't think they need my help testing that.

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