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Weighing in about the whole Apple open sourcing their applications debate makes me lean towards Apple letting some of that stuff go. Why? Because most of the real innovation comes from ripping off shareware developers which requires a higher degree of engineering for Apple coders when they could be making web sites about their family vacations or something. Instead of merely waiting until shareware developers have determined the market value of a feature and then devouring their constituency it would seem a shorter path to bags o'cash if there were some common code that wasn't limited to APIs and the other bits like Webkit. Less work for Apple and more control for users sounds pretty good to me and I'm joking about a lot of this but I think Tim Bray is spot on in his take on the situation and its relative advantages and disadvantages. When you have total control over both the hardware and the core software that makes the magic possible then you don't have a lot to lose if developer involvement in the platform takes an upswing.

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