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The Future Is What Now?

I'm not often captivated by novel interfaces which is probably one of the reasons that more often than not I simply look askance at projects that simply meta-manipulate the terms of the desktop interface. It just seems a lot like adding a whole bunch of arbitrary complexity to a metaphor that is already being stretched like hot taffy. I feel the same way about the BumpTop interface. Yes, it is fucking cool especially in the feature demonstration mode where you can show off all of that grouping functionality and rotating on axis bling but it still seems a step towards the clusterfuck desktop that breeds the sort of intellectual laziness leads to people 'losing' files they've just downloaded by adding another layer of hierarchical complexity that can be completely altering on the fly. Prototype and all that but the only sane application I could really envision for this is as an extension of an email client as the file types there are similar and fine tuned sorting and archiving according to weird user preference might actually be advantageous. Maybe I'm just a stick in the mud for hierarchical structures but I would lose my mind in a matter of ten minutes if trapped in an environment like that.

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