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Another Project I Need To Get To Gettin’ Done

My friend Tony notified me that this site is blocked by another filtering service and in this case it is the one built into the SonicWall firewall appliance. Because I have such an affinity for four letter words this doesn't surprise me but it does remind me that I need to get to work on something I've been thinking about doing for quite a while: I want to assemble a static page here that lists as many of the look up tools for filtering agents as possible and proxies and the like that people have noted as ways to get around those filtering devices. This page will eventually appear somewhere in the link list over to the right. This post serves as a reminder to get this done.

That said I should also mention that I understand why people employ prefab filtering stuff. I also work for a state agency that is underfunded and with that job comes any number of ridiculous expectations. I don't blame anyone with more budget for technology than staff for taking the somewhat easier route to getting thankless tasks accomplished. That won't stop me from trying to share information about how to get around those technologies though because they're seldom accurate or really helpful to anyone outside the organization. This becomes especially annoying when organizations that theoretically exist to distribute information use this crap and unknowingly (in the specific details at least) neuter their capacity to provide information.

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