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Yeah, But The GUI Changed

Ooops. It looks like WinFS, the only really compelling thing that a next gen Windows really had to offer other than to video card manufacturers, is permanently playing possum. This should not surprise anyone but it is a little disappointing since I have to support this shit day in and day out. I was really hoping for one less broken aspect to the operating system and had dreams of a halfway robust file system but as is nearly always the case with MSFT this was largely marketing in the Longhorn days. Instead you'll get a bloated interface that costs more than the hardware you bought to run it on. Jesus. The comments attached to the post are more brutal and specific than I could ever get as someone who is more accustomed to fixing broken Windows machines than fixing them so go read those.

Update, I guess

I've been reading a little more about what other people think about this announcement and I'm not sure that the abolition of WinFS from the operating system is quite as apocalyptic as I first thought. Tim Bray said his piece about it and some of the links he included in his post were pretty informative. It seems like a lot of folks are pretty happy that NTFS is going to stay whether they've weathered the storm of the transition with Windows 2000 or whether they're working on FOSS software that needs to place nice with NTFS. I'd entirely forgotten about the much hyped Cairo project which is probably the point here. Announce the vaporware, kill the vaporware and endure the small bit of outrage, and then announce the next batch of marketing bullshit new technology that will never make it into production and people will just keep forgetting.

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  1. NTFS was going to stay anyway. And it wasn’t completely vapor, we had a pair of betas.
    They just thought that if they cut WinFS people will forget faster than if it was something other.

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