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The Most Recent Mail-Pocalypse

Yesterday I had to temporarily blackhole all mail to this domain. The spam and its resulting bounces were completely out of control and I was seeing something like 1500 pieces of mail blown out of a fire hose at my mail account per hour. I know this isn't impressive for most people but it got even worse towards the end of the day. After about the twentieth notification that I was nearing the quota cut off point I finally just started flushing everything down the toilet of /dev/null. I thought it would eventually freak me out but I was more relieved than anything. Email fucking blows as both a method of communication and as an ecosystem. I also switched all of my accounts from IMAP to POP again after swearing more than once that I would never go back down that 'lost all my shit' road again.
Thunderbird also ate shit after a few hundred rounds of trying to battle the spam/bounce influx in IMAP mode. It remained broken when I switched everything to POP and didn't want to build new accounts correctly. I sat and stared at the rubble for a little while and then fired up the Apple I like it a lot more now that I did in early versions. Its speed has improved tremendously since the last time I used it and the integration with Spotlight is actually pretty handy. I don't know how long I'll stick with it but it's a nice stopgap measure for the short term. I have no idea if there were recent vast improvements because I didn't fire the application up until after I'd successfully installed all of the recent (10.4.7) upgrades. I have no idea.

So, I deleted around 30,000 pieces of mail yesterday without looking at any of it. If you sent me anything important then please do it again. I was able to save most of my address book from Thunderbird so almost everyone I mail regularly shouldn't get arbitrarily filtered but keep that in mind if you don't hear from me for a couple of days.

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  1. Hey you suck.
    And I am not gay.

    p.s. I got you a little trinket. I shall give it to your wife the next time I go to Korean class.

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