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Hey. So even though it is likely that Explosions in the Sky won't be playing your town any time soon (unless your town is either located in TX or Yurp) you can make yourself feel better about the shitty town you live in by downloading their The Rescue EP which is handy to have since the subscription-only release is long gone and despite the fact that they've said they will sell them at shows they're never coming to my shitty town. If you're a fan this might strike you as a little off the beaten path for them but I guess that's kind of the idea. You won't be startled by any means but the slight changes make for music that I can't immediately internalize. That seems like a good direction to head in.

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  1. I am having an argument with a little smart-ass friend of mine about explosions in the sky. I insist they have some cure influence. He ABSOLUTELY insists NOT.

    What do you think?

  2. my smart ass friend is telling me that I didn’t just say they were INFLUENCED by the cure, but that the sort of SOUND LIKE the cure.

    Just to clarify.


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