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Failure Is The Strategy Of The Day

After continuously reading about WGA again and again it's become pretty obvious that MSFT is insane. Read the comments attached to the story and becomes obvious that even if a fair number of the folks leaving them are cranks there are also a bunch of folks who will eventually either be harassed or intimidated into buying new licenses even though they've got a legitimate OEM copy. The dial up issue is especially annoying as people in countries where net access is doled out in minutes are going to eventually install one of the cracks and be done with it. Paying for MSFT to check in each and every time you login to a machine is not a reasonable expectation. This is made especially ironic by the fact that a good number of the people that have written complaints about the issue were actually trying to the "right" thing by installing the piece of shit to begin with.

The worst part is that all this piece of software really does is open MSFT to yet another lawsuit and this one from angry consumers who've actually purchased the OS instead of legislative moves from states or countries. I can just imagine the people who've tried and failed to resolve this problem installing the patches and feeling justified being 'pirates' for the first time. It just keeps getting worse and worse. If you've actually got investments in MSFT now might be a time to pull that money out. When was the last time you saw a dividend anyhow?

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