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This Is Yet Another Attempt At Doing Something For The Cost Of Nothing

I'm testing yet another piece of software in an attempt to avoid using a text editor (I'm still pretty unhappy generally with the state of text editing in OS X) to post here. This is a test of sorts and I'm trying figure out if it's worth buying a real license or not. I've been doing far too much of that lately. No names for the obvious reasons...

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  1. What kinda text do you want to edit?

    I really like TextMate, but that’s just me. If I’m not editing in TextMate I’m using VI.

    My co-worker swears by TextWrangler, which is freeware. Woot.

    Alcohol is good. Yay alcohol!

  2. Typically I’m either in TextMate which I like most things about or in skEdit which is way better for HTML and CSS and other non-programming languages. BBEdit and its baby brother TextWrangler are okay for what they are but they are a little too possesive especially when it comes to making themselves exclusive owners of things by creating an association with them. I’m a big fan of text remaining text.

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