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We’re New, Sexy, And Totally Broken

I think that i use this is a pretty good idea as the Digg process seems wasted on copy and paste news stories. Preventing people from stuffing the ballot box is probably why they're so strict about being logged in before you can view anything more than the first page. The problem with this is that I'm not very quick on the draw when it comes to new social networking sites (for the obvious reasons) unless they're potentially useful to me. I didn't realize that i use this would actually be useful until after every huge Mac related news site already posted something about it. So, the registration has been pounded until it broke which is understandable when the server is under the strain of a hojillion bored gawkers but the truly genius aspect that makes what could be a simple functionality outage (ie. you can't register for the time being) into a full fledged cluster fuck is the registration requirement.

See, when you click the magic and non-functioning 'register' button and fill out the requested information i use this sets a cookie that marks you as one who has registered but not validated through the next-to-worthless 'click a link in the email you'll never get' method. What this cookie does is prevent you from seeing much of the site at all. Okay, this is mostly my fault. I did some mail server misconfiguration that caused me to lose a couple of days worth of mail. One of the last pieces of mail that I lost was the confirmation/validation mail from i use this. How do you have that mail resent? I have no fucking idea. So, instead of actually participating in what seems like a fun experiment instead I'm looking at it with a secondary browser (Safari) and wishing that people thought all the way through processes like email-based validation which are lame enough without user fuckups and not having a visible way to recover from said fuckups. The worst part is that just browsing the site becomes a pain in the ass after you opt to register. That doesn't seem like powerful incentive to me but then again I may be the only person in the entire universe that has had a registration email eaten by a spam filter or adm-incompetence, right?

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