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Food Poisoning Is Among The List Of My Least Favorite Things

It's been a really long time since I ate something that messed up my digestive tract quite as badly as what happened late last night and early this morning. The idea of eating anything other than tortilla chips (oddly enough) still makes my stomach feel all swimmy. The bad part is that I actually had to cash in a sick day on being sick. I don't know that I've actually done that ever before -- been sick on a sick day. I avoided computers for most of the day as well since the radiant heat made me feel worse.

Luckily as I sat there considering my tortilla chips and wondering if they were going to turn on me once ingested the mail arrived and I finally laid eyes on Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children which I enjoyed tremendously despite it being a cheesy video game derived anime. What it made me aware of pretty quickly is that no video game will worm its way into my heart quite the way that FFVII did. Since then I've never looked forward to playing every minute of a game (other than the continual attacks that were parodied viciously in Kingdom of Loathing) and been so drawn in to the story line. Yeah, yeah saving the planet gets to be pretty tedious by the end of the game but most of the other aspects were thoroughly engrossing. At the time I had absolutely no internet connection, a 19 inch Curtis Mathes television set rescued from the recesses of someone's attic, and more time than I was accustomed to it being my first semester of returning to college so this game still leaves me with a quasi-religious feeling about it. The bonus material is totally hilarious as it just features scenes from the game with the omnipresent dialog boxes popping up and being translated into English in subtitles. I'd forgotten how much I missed the terrible cartoonish graphics and over abundant dialog that often made no sense after translation.

The absurdity of strong waves of nostalgia being triggered by a video game does not escape me.

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