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It Can’t Possibly Make Things Worse

I'm not a huge fan of web based email as a day to day use sort of thing (meaning that Gmail is more useful a place to divert mail to when I can't check mail for a day or two than anything else) but Freenigma is a Firefox extension that makes some pretty valuable inroads into making the weirdness a little easier to cope with. The more encryption the merrier generally especially when services like Gmail like to employ AI on text to serve advertising. The one crucial feature missing (at least from what I read of the documentation on their site) for me is the ability to simply sign mail instead of encrypting it. Still, this is a huge step up for most web based email although it does necessitate the installation of a piece on a local machine.

This does make me wonder how free mail providers are going to respond to this especially those like Gmail that try to serve advertising based on the text content of mail that passes through the system. How will they react? I'm guessing that encryption won't get super wide use as most people who primarily depend on web clients for mail are already accustomed or unaware that it isn't the most secure way to either send or receive mail or are entirely ignorant of its shortcomings. Tools like the various pieces that use Gmail disk space as storage space are probably more troubling when it comes to cost of storage versus ad revenue.

I'll probably give this a whirl when I'm more situated to actually connect to a network but it's still more a useful implementation that partially heals or at least provides a functional crutch for a bad idea that is tremendously popular and vastly overused. That can't hurt more than it helps.

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