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Pan Roasted Goodness

Hitting what must be my six or seventh wind of the day I happened upon this article about pan roasting coffee which seems more reasonable than my earlier and immeasurably more horrible idea of buying a gas powered roaster that would surely rust into oblivion in a matter of months. The time scale isn't too bad although I would invariably roast for something closer to the 15 minute mark but the amount of smoke rolling out of that pan is a little intimidating. Has anyone pulled this off before? I'm curious about the mess more than anything. I imagine if I get around to this I will post photos and a full blow by blow of it. This of course assumed that I don't burn the house down or inadvertently huff my body weight in caffeinated fumes.

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  1. I’ve looked at homeroasting and decided if I were to do it I’d spend the $200 to buy a good programmable homeroaster, such as the iroast 2.

    They also have some lo-tech stove roasters as well.

    Another note – last time I was in a Whole Foods I figured out they roast Allegro in house using a beautiful copper plated machine. I thought it was just there for show – until the guy pulled out the beans and filled up the French Roast bin. “Roasted Date – Today”

    Uhh… fuck yeah!

    To be honest the best coffee I ever had was at this yuppie ass spa in Boulder – St. Julien. They had a proprietary blend from Allegro that was mind blowingly tasty.

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