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Free As In ‘Your Rights Are Explicitly Declared’

I should know by now that articles like this one in Information Week that pit the Torvalds camp versus the Stallman camp (assuming that either such clear cut category even exists) are bait but I just can't stop biting on it. What makes me feel like smashing my head against the wall repeatedly until I stop worrying and enjoy ice cream more is how people react to flamebait like this. You really couldn't ask for a more complete example of how differences in semantics outside the context of the person (okay, Stallman can be pretty heavy but he also says and does very funny things that are often overlooked when casting him as Free Software Charlton Heston who runs through the streets screaming about proprietary software being made out of people's ideas or something) that allows for interpretation by would be disciples.

Personally I get pretty tired of arguing the relative merits and disadvantages of the GPL pretty quickly. I regard it as a matter of self defense and tend to just shrug when people take an antagonistic attitude towards it. Maybe that aspect of the GPL is what is so upsetting for some people: it provides an equitable exchange of value (work, reuse, however you'd like to tally things at the end of the day) without handing out credibility with that protection. You don't get anything that you don't give when using the GPL and if that is too much for the giant two year olds to deal with then it really doesn't fucking matter. The FSF will continue on whether or not they're mentioned in trade magazines (sort of the litmus for un-cool if you're asking) and aren't dependent on that sort of attention or notoriety necessarily. The projects under the umbrella of the FSF don't need Charlotte spinning a message stating that they're high quality or even very interesting. No one stays up all night mistyping furiously into some god forsake web forum about the future, the industry, and gcc. It doesn't matter and we can all worry about getting more code written and less about trade shows, huh?

It's late and I'm tired. I am also full of excuses. The complete lack of editing in posts can be largely attributed to the former. I don't have many free hours a day so I need to cram as much life into them as humanly possible. Correcting typos two weeks later is a part of that process. Nope. I'm not buying it either...

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